There exists a service called Mandrill
For devs sending emails it's brill
Email in or out of your project?
Mandrill's just about perfect
Chance of changing to SendGrid? It's nil

Azure, azure
Are your motives pure?
Azure's easy - that's true
And pretty cheap too
Trust Microsoft? I'm not sure...

A little unfair - I think Microsoft has become one of the most trustworthy, honest and respectful tech companies out there.

Twilio's the service for telephones
Telephones? "Oh not SMS!", he groans
That's twentieth century
as in... telephone directory?!
Wasn't SMS in the flintstones?

..but if you have to support SMS then Twilio's good.

I'm happier talking to APIs
SMTP's EHLOs and "221 Bye"s
But not DCOM (I hope)
'cos DTCPing often lies